Commercial Services

For most businesses, a strong exterior is often where quality and confidence start. At Vargas, we provide outstanding commercial landscaping services that transform your exterior and keep it groomed to perfection.  When new clients or tenants arrive, we know your first impression is your lasting impression, so we strive for excellence in every job.  Looking to step up your look?  Call Vargas today!

Master Planned Floral Design Planting

Master Planner Elena Vargas Neail is a third-generation landscaper. Mentored by renowned designer Al Gerace, of Welby Gardens;, for over 10 years. Elena regularly attends California Annual Summer Trials (CAST), a trade show featuring the latest floral varietals. Vargas works hard to ensure that your property will be in bloom all season.

flower bed
Trees with blue sky in background

Grounds Maintenance

The continual maintenance of landscaping for the beauty and extended longevity of your grounds. This includes turf care, weeding, pruning, ongoing debris removal, and quality control through regular inspections.

Integrated Pest Management

We use a balance of natural control factors, finding biological enemies to pestilence cultural controls such as changing irrigation to kill fungus, and mechanical control through creating blockades or traps. Chemical control is always the last resort for pest management by Vargas.

hand holding grub

Irrigation Engineering

With over thirty years of experience, we build out potable and non-potable irrigation systems to serve the needs of our customers. Reporting monthly billable water usage to our customers.

Snow Removal

Snow removal provides safe access to your property preventing slips and falls. Vargas continually creates a safe haven for schools, hospitals, offices, retailers, and residential communities.

snow blower removing sand
vargas employees planting a tree

Construction Landscape Designing

Landscaping brings your curb appeal to life for new constructions. We focus on making the outside of your freshly built property to look as beautiful as the inside from day one.

Sustainable Pollination Programming

Alex Vargas’ passion is to rehabilitate lands affected by fire, urbanization and additional environmental factors. Bolstering your land with pollination corridors. Protecting your assets as intended by nature. After the historic Marshall Fire, Alex created the first-ever rehabilitation pollinator restoration program for the Town of Superior. Restoring the natural beauty of Superior’s parks and open space through natural pollination. He now serves as the Vice President of the Boulder County Beekeepers Association. And continues to grow and expand the Native Pollinator Program.

person inspecting a tree
vargas employee helping child plant a tree

Community Services

Maintaining your parks, trails, and bike pathways for day-to-day use and special events. We personally integrate into your community events to be there for hands-on service and to be your partner in clean-up. From set-up to take down, placing the safety of your community and property as our top priority.