It’s Dandelion Season!

field of Dandelions

No matter where you live, dandelions come up in every nook and cranny (at least in our part  of the world).  Here’s 3 surprisingly good reasons to let dandelions grow.

Dandelions are beneficial for bugs

Dandelions benefit our pollinators. Pollinators depend on dandelions in the early spring to  keep them going until later flowers bloom. 

You probably know by now some pollinators are on the endangered species list. This is getting  very serious. Wild populations of pollinators are the hardest hit and least protected.  Allowing dandelions to flower and reseed benefit our pollinators.

Bee on a Dandelions

Dandelions growing in soil

Dandelions help improve the soil. 

Dandelions aren’t just a potential food source for beneficial insects. They also help improve  the soil. Their long taproots are excellent soil aerators that help loosen up compacted areas  providing nutrients to our soils. 

…And those bright sunny dandelions benefit our health.

Dandelions are Edible.

Yes, you can eat dandelions! Keep them around, harvest them, and take advantage of their  numerous medicinal qualities. People commonly use the roots to brew tea, but the plant is  edible from taproot to top. The nutritious dandelions contain high amounts of vitamin A, C,  and K, along with several minerals such as calcium. 

Caution: select your dandelions from a known organic source that’s herbicide free and immediately used is the ultimate nutrition payback for any leafy green

Dandelions are our friends! Embrace them!