How to kill Weeds Before They Start with Pre-Emergent Herbicides

close up of weeds

Pre-emergent herbicides, also known as growth inhibitors, are a useful tool in the battle against weeds. The best way to fight weeds is to prevent weeds. Here is when to use pre-emergent to maintain healthy weed-free flower beds, lawns, and gardens.

Notice: before purchasing/using any herbicide be sure to read the manufactures’ label and use the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE.)

When to Apply Pre Emergent

Pre-emergent herbicides should be applied before weed seeds germinate. The timing of the application will depend on the specific type of weed you are trying to control and the climate in your area. In general, pre-emergent herbicides should be applied in the spring and fall, when temperatures are mild and the soil is moist.

For warm-season annual weeds, such as crabgrass, pre-emergent herbicides should be applied in the early spring. For greatest effect apply it when the soil is between 55 to 70 degrees. Use a soil probe thermometer to get an accurate temperature reading. You’ll need to do this yearly because this kind of herbicide is only effective for about three months. 

Remember, the timing for applying pre-emergent can be determined by the climate, soil condition and weed type. Check with the experts at your local garden center for guidance on specific recommendations for your area. If you working on a commercial property, contact us, we are more than happy to help!