Planting Trees Correctly

Tip of the Week

As long as you are planting a tree correctly, now is a great time to add a new tree to your landscape!

Follow these steps:

1.   Choose a tree that is right for your location, how much light it gets, how big its mature size will be, etc. 

2.  Dig your hole! MUCH wider than deep, 2-3 times wider than the tree. Make the hole more shallow than the trees root ball.

3.  Cut the bottom of the basket off, put the tree into the hole and turn it till you find the best side and its straight up-and-down.

4.  Put some water into the tree hole as you fill it but be careful to not overflow.

5.  Finish filling, compacting a little, removing the cage, burlap and twine. Do not cover the top of the tree root. 

6.  Using all the leftover soil, build a dam around the outside, then fill with water.

7.  NO staking unless windy. 

8.  Water every couple of days by filling the dam.

With young trees make sure to wrap the tree trunk for the fall/winter to avoid sun scald. Wrap from the base up to the first or second main branch and tie or tape it there. Remove the wrap in spring, and repeat annually until the tree bark thickens.

Don’t forget to continue to water the newly planted tree throughout the fall/winter, especially in the dry months.