Join Us For the End of Summer Pollinator Party!

Vargas Property Services end of Summer Pollinator party.

Join us at Autry Park for a Day for a Pollinator Party. Learn about Native Bees. Hands on Crafts for all ages. Scavenger Hunt with Prizes. August 5th 2023 10am-12pm.


This Saturday August 5th come learn all about local pollinators. Stop by our booth and pick up some fun swag. “Risky Business” sunglasses, cotton tote, or maybe you could win a pollinator t-shirt! #bestlandscaper #commerciallandscape #vargaspropertyservices #townofsuperior #superiorco #pollinator #pollinatorsareimportant #pollinators #bees #nativebees

♬ HBIC – Sabby Sousa

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Vargas Property Services Native Pollinator Program

Vargas Property Services’ Native Bee Project is a pioneering endeavor aimed at promoting the conservation and protection of native bee populations in Colorado. Recognizing the critical role that native bees play in ecosystem health and agricultural sustainability, Vargas Property Services has embarked on a multifaceted initiative to support these essential pollinators.

At the heart of the Native Bee Project is habitat restoration and enhancement. Vargas Property Services identifies and rehabilitates areas within their properties to create thriving environments for native bees. This involves planting native flowering plants, shrubs, and trees that provide abundant nectar and pollen sources throughout the growing season. By establishing diverse and pollinator-friendly landscapes, Vargas Property Services not only supports native bees but also enhances the overall biodiversity and aesthetic appeal of their properties.

Education and outreach are also integral components of the Native Bee Project. Through a pollinator party, workshops, seminars, and hands-on activities, participants learn about native bee biology, habitat requirements, and simple actions they can take to create bee-friendly environments in their own yards and communities.

In addition to habitat creation and education, Vargas Property Services actively monitors native bee populations on their properties. By conducting surveys and assessments, they gather valuable data on bee abundance, diversity, and distribution. This information guides ongoing conservation efforts and helps evaluate the effectiveness of habitat management practices.

Furthermore, Vargas Property Services is committed to fostering partnerships with local researchers and bee experts to advance scientific knowledge and conservation strategies for native bees. By collaborating with academia and industry professionals, they contribute to a broader understanding of native bee ecology and conservation priorities.

Overall, Vargas Property Services’ Native Bee Project exemplifies a proactive and holistic approach to native bee conservation. Through habitat restoration, education, community engagement, and scientific collaboration, they are making a meaningful difference in safeguarding these vital pollinators and the ecosystems they support.